Hargassner ECO HK Wood Chip Boiler

Hargassner ECO HK Wood Chip Boiler

Further Information and Data Sheets

ECO HK Wood Chip Boiler

Boasting unrivalled 95% efficiency is one of the worlds leading wood chip biomass boilers.

Full refractory-lined combustion chamber with flame concentration jets for optimum post-combustion

The refractory combustion chamber guarantees high combustion temperatures through optimum heat storage (also at part-load), minimises the ignition procedure and reduces emissions.

Through the exact and contactless firebed height monitoring system with sensors, the most effective combustion condition depending on fuel quality is detected. Your heating system is always working with the needed heat output at optimum combustion values.

The advantages

  1. Lambda sensor with fuel-quality detection
  2. Fully refractory-lined high performance combustion chamber
  3. Fully automatic heat exchanger cleaning system
  4. Fully automatic ash extraction system
  5. Best ease of use through SMS module
  6. Extended warranty
  7. Superb Factory-Service for Hargassner customers

Hargassner Wood Chip Biomass Boiler Advantages

  1. Fully refractory-lined underfeed stoker
  2. Flame concentration plate
  3. Boiler heat exchanger
  4. Turbulators
  5. Fly ash separation
  6. Flue pipe
  7. Lambda sensor
  8. Calorifiers for thermal discharge safety device
  9. Drive motor for ash extraction and boiler cleaning
  10. Ash extraction auger
  11. Automatic boiler cleaning system
  12. Ash box




Wood Chip Advantages


  1. Boiler
  2. Fan
  3. Primary air
  4. Preheated secondary air
  5. Automatic Ignition
  6. Stoker auger
  7. Drop shaft with burn-back flap
  8. Servomotor for burn-back flap
  9. Drive motor for stoker auger
  1. Drive motor for extraction auger
  2. Extraction auger
  3. Ground agitator with spring blades
  4. Agitator gearbox
  5. Electronic control unit
  6. Safety lid
  7. Stoker auger temperature sensor
  8. Storage room temperature sensor
  9. Storage room service door