Stiebel Eltron Ground Source Heat Pump Range

Light & Land Energy are installers of the Stiebel Eltron Ground source heat pump range.

WPF 5-17 kW

The new, optimised WPF reaches the elusive output level of up to 5.0 (COP). This puts the WPF among the top products in the heat pump market – with user friendliness being another leading feature. This high efficiency unit can be controlled securely and conveniently via the new WPM 3 heat pump manager. Similarly, trend-setting is the advanced integration level of the appliance, which ensures safe and speedy installation. The expansion vessels for both the heating and brine sides are pre-fitted, as are the highly efficient circulation pumps for the heating circuit and brine circuit. The WPF heat pump, with heat and electricity meters included as standard, is available in six versions with heating output levels ranging from 4.6 to 17 kW. A further major benefit is that the WPF can be combined with any heat pump cylinder from the STIEBEL ELTRON range.

  • Ground source heat pump – using the ground
    • Low temperature fluctuations throughout the year
    • Heating output throughout the year virtually constant
    • COP virtually constant irrespective of outside temperature
    • No defrosting of evaporator required
    • High seasonal performance factor
    • Groundworks are required during installation of the heat pump
    • Ground loop collector requires an area of 1 to 2 times the living area

WPF 20-66kW

The benefits of advanced heat pump technology are multiplying. The WPF series of heat pumps was developed specially to supply larger residential complexes as well as commercial and industrial buildings with heat. Optionally including DHW provision. Cascade control enables one or more units to provide the base cover for heat; peak loads are covered by starting additional units. This clearly reduces running costs. When several units are used, two heat pumps can be stacked to save space. This way, heat pump systems not only save energy but also space.

  • Two appliances may be stacked where space is at a premium
  • Suitable for cascade control for high output requirements
  • High reliability through robust single compressor design
  • With integral heat and electricity meters
  • Extremely quiet operation