LG Therma V R32 Air Source Heat Pump

LG Therma V R32 Air Source Heat Pump

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The Therma V R32 is LG’s newest Air Source Heat Pump system, especially designed for new houses and renovations. Therma V can be used for various heating solutions e.g. underfloor heating, radiators or for hot water.

Environmentally Sustainable Refrigerant

THERMA V R32 Monobloc is equipped with the R32 refrigerant, the environmentally sustainable refrigerant which has a Global Warming Potential of 675, 70% lower than that of R410A’s. With R32 refrigerant, THERMA V R32 Monobloc is highly energy efficient as a greener heating solution.

THERMA V R32 Monobloc provides reliable and powerful heating for the indoor environment. It can operate even at extremely cold weather like -25°C. It can offer a maximum water flow temperature of 65°C.

Energy Efficient Application

Therma V offers the best solution for home heating and hot water supply with LG’s inverter technology. It is 4 times more energy efficient than a boiler system by absorbing energy from the outdoor environment.

Smart Heating Control

The intuitive UI allows quick and easy use with a simple touch and users can set schedules based on their lifestyles. Moreover, daily or monthly monitoring of power consumption allows efficient energy management.


New houses and renovations.

Well insulated homes

Using a very low flow temperature a monobloc Therma V unit can provide very efficient heating in new builds and refurbishments

LG Therma V R32 air source heat pump can be connected to an existing heating system to optimize energy efficiency and heating capacity for existing houses.